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Wake Up Fellow Educators! The Age of Knowledge is here!

In my pocket is a magical device that opens a portal to nearly all the accumulated knowledge humankind has acquired in the past ten thousand years. That knowledge includes all the major scientific, historical and cultural understandings we have gained … Continue reading

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A Moment of Clarity

So often when I have written a post for this blog it has felt like a compulsion. The words have been spinning around in my head for several days until at last the pressure becomes so great they burst¬† through … Continue reading

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Stepping Off the Treadmill

When one is on a treadmill one has to keep going at a steady pace, with eyes forward. Concentration is required to keep from losing balance and falling off sideways or being flung off the back. There is no chance … Continue reading

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Questioning Everything

Here we are at the end of the fall trimester of 2014 at Proctor Academy, a small school in rural New Hampshire, my home for nearly half my life,¬† and I feel more confused, less sure of my role as … Continue reading

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