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How Technology is Not Ruining My Classroom

Just four years ago there was a “no screens” rule in my classroom. Open laptops were forbidden, I-pads frowned upon, and cell phones a target. I wanted my students’ full attention at all times and it seemed obvious to me … Continue reading

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Games Not To Play in School

Pop quizzes, strictly timed tests, surprise notebook checks, all seem to be about “Catching Kids Not Knowing.” It is an old game familiar to everyone who has been a student. The idea, I suppose, is to create a state of … Continue reading

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A Moment of Clarity

So often when I have written a post for this blog it has felt like a compulsion. The words have been spinning around in my head for several days until at last the pressure becomes so great they burst  through … Continue reading

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Identifying Obstacles to Learning

This post will appear to be about dogs, although it is also about human learners. But if you are a dog lover you will likely get more out of it.  As I have said before, my dogs are a couple … Continue reading

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Terrariums: Antidote for Winter Blues!

Here in New Hampshire USA it is certainly wintertime.  The sun does not rise until after 7 am and sets about 4 pm.  On cloudy days, which do tend to predominate during this season, we look out on a palate … Continue reading

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Questioning Everything

Here we are at the end of the fall trimester of 2014 at Proctor Academy, a small school in rural New Hampshire, my home for nearly half my life,  and I feel more confused, less sure of my role as … Continue reading

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Kids Crave Feedback

Last week’s cathartic rant on the traditional bell curve approach to testing has left me free to reflect on the tool of feedback which we give to our students, and how crucial it is to them as they learn. This … Continue reading

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