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SAMR: Don’t Get Stuck On “S!”

Remember when you learned how to ride a bike, practicing in the driveway for hours, until suddenly you got it! Balance was achieved, and with a little more pedaling you were off and riding down the road, exploring places your … Continue reading

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Wake Up Fellow Educators! The Age of Knowledge is here!

In my pocket is a magical device that opens a portal to nearly all the accumulated knowledge humankind has acquired in the past ten thousand years. That knowledge includes all the major scientific, historical and cultural understandings we have gained … Continue reading

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How Technology is Not Ruining My Classroom

Just four years ago there was a “no screens” rule in my classroom. Open laptops were forbidden, I-pads frowned upon, and cell phones a target. I wanted my students’ full attention at all times and it seemed obvious to me … Continue reading

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Kids Crave Feedback

Last week’s cathartic rant on the traditional bell curve approach to testing has left me free to reflect on the tool of feedback which we give to our students, and how crucial it is to them as they learn. This … Continue reading

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This Week In Climate Science Class

This week in Climate Science class we explored a little about the subject of Paleoclimatology. It turns out that the study of past climates gives scientists very valuable information into how Earth’s Climate system works.  Understanding the variables and  mechanisms … Continue reading

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A New Take on an Old Lab

I-pads really do offer us a wonderful tool to enhance students’ experiences in class. Every high school chemistry class includes a “flame test lab” and if you remember this from your own education, you may have a pleasant association. What … Continue reading

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How Technology is Transforming My Students’ Learning Experience.

A couple of years ago the Head of School where I work posed this question “If you had the opportunity, how would you use Technology in the Classroom?” My reaction was immediate, visceral and negative and something like “I don’t … Continue reading

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