“Of Dogs and Kids”

Collars copy

Photo: Sue Houston

One of the things I’ve wanted to write about for several years now is how what  I’ve learned from my dogs is helping me a great deal as a teacher of humans.  Please don’t be insulted by the comparison!

Here is the thing about dogs that I find so valuable.  They give us a window into how the mammalian brain works. Once we learn to really read their body language and understand their responses to the world we can find all sorts of insights into the nature of behaviors, emotions, attention,  temperament, genetics, and how learning happens. Dogs are somewhat simpler than humans, and a bit more raw and uninhibited in their responses.  This “honesty” can be very illuminating.

Here is the first post which explores this topic in some depth. There will be references to dogs in other posts too, in the context of Neuroscience and Learning Theory.  I hope you enjoy reading about all these ideas as much as I have enjoyed learning and thinking about them too!  As always, you are invited to join in on the conversation!


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