How Can Course Resource Pages Help Students Learn?

The world of education is constantly changing, keeping us teachers scrambling to try to keep up! Sometimes it is a bit daunting as none of us can truly stay informed about all the new developments, but there are some very nice and easy to use tools that many of us are starting to have access to.

The school where I work has a wonderful system that allows for posting all sorts of things on our course pages, from web links, to downloads to photographs of students in action. The system is quite user friendly on both ends,  for the teacher to create things, and for the students to access the resources.

Here are some screenshots…







The”Topics” feature allows a teacher to organize materials for students by chapter or unit



Inside a “Topic” a teacher can post downloadable documents, web links or even photos.



Here is part of a “study guide” students can download from their topics section.  This can help them to focus on the essential information as they read through their texts.




Class notes can also be posted in the topics section.  The notes can be “high tech” from a smart board or I-pad presentation, or simply photos of notes from a regular white board.  In any case, these are very handy for students who were home sick, or even for those who have difficulty taking good notes in a fast-paced class.


What is your experience with these sorts of tools?  If you are a student, have you benefited from these resources?  Educators, do you have these tools available and what is your experience with them?  Are they helping your students to learn?




About Sue Houston

I've been teaching high school science for over 25 years. The more I learn, the more questions I have about how good education really works. This blog is an attempt to explore the fundamental question of "How do Kids Learn?" This blog will include posts related to technology in education, neuroscience, behavioral science and real life experiences in the classroom. Please, I invite you all to join the conversation in the comments sections. Perhaps together we can find more insights into how kids learn! If you are a student, educator, or past student (that covers everyone, right?) you have something to contribute! :)
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