A New Take on an Old Lab


Photo credit: Tate Singleton

I-pads really do offer us a wonderful tool to enhance students’ experiences in class. Every high school chemistry class includes a “flame test lab” and if you remember this from your own education, you may have a pleasant association. What high school student does not love fire and colors and the “ooh, aahh!” sensation?

photo credit: Chandler Devaney

photo credit: Chandler Devaney

This time around, my students had the chance to do this lab a new way, utilizing I-pads to record their results! They loved the experiment itself of course, but they also enjoyed taking pictures and using “Notability” to put together their reports, which fairly glowed with photographs of different colored flames!

photo credit: Aaron Rosenblaum

photo credit: Aaron Rosenblaum


About Sue Houston

I've been teaching high school science for over 25 years. The more I learn, the more questions I have about how good education really works. This blog is an attempt to explore the fundamental question of "How do Kids Learn?" This blog will include posts related to technology in education, neuroscience, behavioral science and real life experiences in the classroom. Please, I invite you all to join the conversation in the comments sections. Perhaps together we can find more insights into how kids learn! If you are a student, educator, or past student (that covers everyone, right?) you have something to contribute! :)
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